Why Choose Us As Your Physiotherapy Clinic?

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Feeling Your Best Is Our Priority

We’re here to help you recover from your injury and take better care of your condition so you can return to an active lifestyle. Our experienced physiotherapists are well-versed in various techniques to apply the right therapy treatment that best responds to your body.

  • hands-on therapy

    Hands-on Therapy

    Massaging the affected areas.
  • acupuncture


    Using needles to stimulate endorphins—
    your body’s natural pain relievers.
  • scientifically-proven technology

    Advanced Technology

    Scientifically-proven to restore the body.
  • exercise-based therapy

    Exercise-based Therapy

    Active rehabilitation for on-going care.

What Sets Us Apart

Our promise is to provide affordable, effective, and advanced physiotherapy services to our clients.

  • Affordable

    We strive to make our services reasonably priced to ensure more people have access to health care through our physiotherapy treatments.

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  • Effective

    Our experienced and knowledgeable team has a proven track record to you get back to health. We’re here to listen to see how we can help.

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  • Advanced Therapy

    Our clinic is equipped with the latest rehabilitation technology that complements manual hands-on therapy in treating our patients.

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Google Reviews

John Churko
John Churko
December 22, 2022.
First visit to the new location. Very nice. Highly recommend Kevin and team.
Ada K
Ada K
December 17, 2022.
My mom had suffered from three weeks of excruciating back pain after something happened to her back while bending over to put on a sock! Pain killer helped but the root cause remained. She couldn't walk without help. And she couldn't walk or sleep without pain. Finally she decided to see a physiotherapist... Carmen Chung was very wonderfully knowledgeable, helpful & positive. After only one session, my mom was able to walk, go up and down stairs on her own. She looked like a different person! Very happy for mom and grateful for Sunrise Physiotherapy & Carmen!
Stephen Lowe
Stephen Lowe
December 16, 2022.
December 2022 I went to Sunrise Physio 6 years ago. Since then, I have been the patient of Sunrise Physio treating all my body pains and injuries. As always, I appreciated very much the excellent and professional service provided by my physiotherapist Kevin Chen. Recently, they moved and I am very impressed with their brand new facility on Nanaimo Street in Vancouver. Not only just the bigger space, but also all the state-of-the-art new equipment which provides better choices to the patients. Further, with its excellent service provided for many years, I am pleased to see Sunrise physio has now grown and developed into an one-stop healthcare treatment center encompassing physio, chiropractic, massage and acupuncture therapy services which definitely give every patient a combination of treatment options for speedy recovery. It's a great all-inclusive healthcare treatment center that is hard to find anywhere in Vancouver. I highly recommend Sunrise Physio to anyone.
Simon Vieira
Simon Vieira
December 12, 2022.
I Injured my neck while exercising — couldnt sleep and my neck’s mobility was close to 0. I went and saw Kevin. Right after his treatment, I gained my neck’s mobility back to 70%, and my pain was reduced to a place I could sleep at night. I recommend Sunrise Physiotherapy to anyone that's struggling with any muscle injury. Their knowledge and attention to detail are next-level.
Mond Ebro
Mond Ebro
September 1, 2022.
I work in the neighborhood of Sunrise Physiotherapy and decided to walk-in to inquire about Massage Therapy. That was 7 months ago - I wish I could get a regular appointment schedule but that's testament to Lilli's skill as a therapist. They're almost always booked so make sure you stay on top of that!
Yina Huang
Yina Huang
August 18, 2022.
Dr. Kevin Chen has just started treating my for my back muscle. From what he has told me during the initial consultation and treatment, Dr. Kevin Chen is very dedicated and knowledgeable. My has nothing but praise for Dr. Kevin Chen and is confident in his treatment to help mitigate the excruciating pain.from Amy’s thanks
Christina Guwick
Christina Guwick
July 15, 2022.
I have visited Sunrise Hastings Physiotherapy 4 times and Victor has helped be each time. I would highly recommend Victor for Physio treatments. He is knowledgeable, thorough, thoughtful and kind. Exercise and stretches were shown to help with my knee. I could feel a difference after each treatment and am on the road to recovery. Thanks Victor.
Tai Li
Tai Li
April 10, 2022.
Fiona is an excellent Physiotherapist. She really have excellent attitude and experience on the field.


Latest news about Sunrise Physiotherapy.

  • Our Hastings Clinic Has Relocated To A New Facility Starting Dec 5, 2022

    We’re excited to announce that we have moved our Hastings clinic to a new location to better serve you when doing your treatments. The grand opening is on Dec 5, 2022.

    New address: 1518 Nanaimo Street, Vancouver, BC, V5L 4T8
    Hours: 7 days a week from 8 am to 7:30 pm

    We look forward to seeing you at our new clinic!

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  • Our Clinics Re-open May 19, 2020

    We’re happy to announce that we will resume our in-clinic physiotherapy and massage therapy services once again.

    Your safety and health are very important to us. We have outlined a set of guidelines so you know exactly what to expect when you visit us for your appointment.

    Our COVID-19 Guidelines
  • Online Booking Now Available For All Locations

    We’re making it super easy and convenient to book an appointment with us at any time.

    You can now make an appointment online for both locations. We’re currently taking online bookings now.

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  • Direct Billing Now Available

    Sunrise Physiotherapy can now directly bill through your extended health insurance.

    This means you don’t have to pay for our services upfront. No more hassle with insurance paperwork for a more streamlined process.

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Serving Our Community

Serving Community

At Sunrise Physiotherapy, our team is dedicated to helping you on your journey to recovery. For more than 30 years, we proudly serve the people of Vancouver by providing affordable physiotherapy services at our two clinics. Both locations are transit-friendly and easily accessible by bus.