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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I have to do before coming for my appointment?

    Before coming to your appointment, you are required to complete the self-assessment pre-screening questionnaire. The pre-screening questionnaire will also apply to those people that accompany patients. We will also ask you to sign a consent form to allow us to provide you with physiotherapy treatments at this time.

    These forms are available to you on our website, janeapp online booking site, email reminders, as well as at our reception desk.

    Only those people who pass the self-assessment questionnaire can continue to their scheduled appointment. For your protection and the protection of others, our staff and therapists will also complete their self-assessment pre-screening questionnaire prior to each working day. We also ask that each patient arrive to your appointment with a mask. If you do not have one with you, our clinic will provide you one upon arrival for $1 a mask.

  • Can someone come with me to my appointment?

    We recommend that you attend the appointments on your own unless you are of minority age in order to reduce the risk of COVID spread. If you require assistance at your appointment, all of the people that accompany you will be asked to complete and pass the pre-screening questionnaire. Once you are settled in our treatment room, all of the people that accompany you will be asked to wait outside of the clinic.

  • When should I arrive to my appointment?

    Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment. You are to wait outside of the clinic if you arrive too early.

  • What should I expect when I arrive at the clinic?

    We have physical distancing floor stickers to indicate where to wait in line and a front desk staff will greet you. When you arrive at the front desk, your forehead temperature will be checked with a non-contact digital thermometer. You will be required to sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer. Front desk staff will confirm again that you have passed all the pre-screening questionnaire. If passed, you will be asked to pre-pay for your appointment. Your receipts will be emailed to you as printed copies will not be available during the COVID period. You will also book for your follow up appointments at this point.

    Once you have completed your checking in, you will head to the washroom to wash your hands and then your therapist will direct you to your treatment room.

  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?

    Please bring the following:

    • Mask: When you are inside the clinic, please wear a mask the whole time. If you do not have one, we will provide you one upon check-in for $1 a mask.
    • Credit/Debit card: Please bring your credit/debit card to the appointment as we are limiting the receipt of cash currently.
    • Water bottle (optional): We will no longer be providing water onsite and would encourage you to bring your own.
  • What measures are put in place to ensure clinic is a safe environment for me?

    We have taken the following safety measures under the direction of all Regulatory Associations, Public Health, and Chief Medical Officer:

    • Our pre-screening procedure is done before AND after your arrival.
    • Everyone will have their temperature checked prior to entering the clinic.
    • We have halved the number of patients at any one time and our booking time has been staggered to maintain physical distancing.
    • We have also acquired all the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All our therapists who will be in contact with you will be in full PPE including face shields, masks, gloves, and gowns.
    • Each physiotherapist has additional room during their shifts. This will allow time for deep cleaning between use.
    • Your treatment bed has been disinfected and will be covered with clean treatment towel and covered with one time use treatment paper.
    • All physiotherapy equipment and modalities will be deep cleaned after each use.
    • We have plexiglass barrier between you and our front desk staff.
    • We will be limiting the use of our gym area. This space must be booked specifically.
  • What if I become sick prior to my appointment?

    We still have our 24-hour cancellation policy in place with leniency towards illness-related circumstances. You will not be charged for a missed appointment if you suddenly come down with symptoms of COVID-like symptoms.


As mentioned in our FAQ, please bring these forms to us when you come for the appointment. Forms will also be available at our front desk if needed.

Self-Assessment Pre-Screening Checklist

Patients and anyone who accompany you for your appointment to fill out and sign this form

Download form (PDF)
Consent Form

Patients need to fill out and sign this form

Download form (PDF)

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